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"Black" is an inspirational movie based on the relationship between a teacher and a student and is also a tribute to Hellen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan.

Black (Hindi Movie)

The story starts with Michelle McNally (Rani Mukherjee), the protagonist and a blind, deaf child, born to an Anglo-Indian family who is seen having a hard time dealing with their daughter. Michelle becomes an angry little girl as she grows up. Her parents are on the verge of giving up and sending her to an asylum when they meet Debraj Sahai (Amitabh Bachhan), a teacher from a deaf and blind school. Initially, Debraj has issues taming the violent and wild nature of the girl but, slowly and eventually, he wins over her. The movie is remarkable in its every aspect of depicting the relationship that fosters between a teacher and student. Needless to say, what parents sometimes fail to do, they leave it in the hands of the teachers. In this movie, the little deaf and blind girl, who is frustrated with her surroundings, develops a destructive nature which her parents cannot control. The impossible is then made possible with the arrival of a teacher!

Student Teacher Relationship Movies

The film "Black" is essentially based on the relationship between a student and her teacher. The student in the movie is an unfortunate child, who is born without the ability to hear or see. The child grows to become a furious girl, frustrated with her shortcomings. It is when her parents, overcome with desperation and grief, start giving up on her that a teacher is introduced to all of their lives. This teacher helps the girl understand that blindness and deafness are not curses, but a way of life. The small girl grows up to become wise woman under the shade of her teacher. The handicapped woman in the movie was played by Rani Mukherjee (Michelle McNally) while the legendary Indian actor, Amitabh Bachhan, played the prodigious teacher, Debraj Sahai.

The Relationship
The unconditional duty of a teacher towards his students is what makes teaching a sacred profession. There have been instances where teachers have shown exceptional talents in terms of teaching, and had magical results. Some set examples for the world where as some are just incomparable. "Black" tells the tale of such a teacher. The producer, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, supposedly holds the movie as homage to Helen Keller and her teacher-companion, Anne Sullivan.

Debraj has been shown as a slightly eccentric man who is continually under influence of alcohol. He considers himself a failure as a teacher. When Michelle and Debraj meet, their lives take a different course. The uncouth Michelle accepts Debraj's teachings after some initial hiccups. He introduces her to the world of light and sound, a world which was absolutely unknown to her. As for Debraj, he finds the purpose of his life in Michelle. He devotes his days and nights after this girl and takes up the challenge of training her as if he was born for it. He is no longer a teacher, but a companion too. The only language they communicate with is hand contact and that is how Debraj teaches Michelle various words and ultimately succeeds in enrolling her to a regular college.

During the course of the movie, he sits beside her in the classes and interprets the lessons, all through the contact of hand. Michelle struggles her way to achieve graduation and meanwhile, Debraj gives in to Alzheimer's. In the beginning his forgetfulness stays within limits but, as time passes, he completely loses his memory and even forgets how to speak, owing to which he has to be admitted in a mental hospital. After twelve staggering years of struggle, Michelle finally attains her graduation and wants to meet her teacher. Sadly, Debraj does not recognize Michelle. It is now Michelle's turn to assist her teacher with his disability. His memory comes back in bits and pieces and he identifies Michelle and is overjoyed to know that she graduated.

Debraj finally surrenders to his illness and dies. But what he did for Michelle remains with her for the rest of her life. She was a helpless child born with disabilities which could not be cured. Her teacher came as an angel into her life and altered it forever. The movie is inspirational to all the teachers and their students. Michelle, as a student, was exceptional. Her love and dedication towards her teacher was alive even after her teacher was dead. Though we do not come across a lot of situations of this sort in our day to day lives, yet what is to be remembered is that a teacher is the one who shapes, guides and paves our path to success and we, as students, must acknowledge it in every possible manner.