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There are so many facts about teacher's day that go unnoticed and are not acknowledged! Read on to find out more about teacher's day trivia.

Teacher's Day Trivia

Teacher's Day is around the corner and we all know that our teachers deserve a day off from teaching! So, why not give your teachers some time off to sit back and relax? Last year, Obama said, "Let's also remember that after parents, the biggest impact on a child's success comes from the man or woman at the front of the classroom. In South Korea, teachers are known as 'nation builders,' here in America, it's time we treated the people who educate our children with the same level of respect." Yes. Teachers are to be celebrated for inspiring and educating us for most part of our lives. Over 100 countries observe Teacher's Day on various dates around the world. The importance of World Teacher's Day is also recognized by UNeSCO. Teacher's Day is a national holiday in a few countries, and in Vietnam, students are expected to take the day off to meet and shower their former teachers with gifts. Surprised? Do you want to learn more about some fun, Teacher's Day trivia? Scroll down to know more.

Facts about Teacher's Day

World Teacher's Day
Since 1994, World Teacher's Day has been celebrated worldwide on the 5th of October. The importance of this day is to organize support for teachers around the world. UNeSCO states that World Teacher's Day is celebrated around the world as a sign of appreciation, understanding and awareness for the contribution that teachers make in the field of education. More than a 100 countries celebrate World Teacher's Day. education International (a global federation of teacher's trade unions), initiates a campaign every year to draw attention to the ever changing input as well as the contributions that the world of teaching has to offer.

Teacher' Day in the U.S.
It is not exactly clear as to when Teacher's Day was founded. In 1944, a teacher 'Mattye Whyte Woodridge' began communicating with political and educational leaders about the need for a special day dedicated to teachers. She wrote to eleanor Roosevelt, who convinced the Congress (1953) to declare an official National Teacher's Day. In the year 1980, the initial date set for National Teacher's day was March 7. However, the NeA decided to move Teacher's Day to the first Tuesday of May in the US.

Substitute educators Day
'Substitute educators Day' is celebrated as the official Teacher's day for substitute teachers. Substitute teachers are extremely important because, they act like a bridge, filling the gap between full-time teachers and students. The need for organizing a separate day to commemorate substitute teachers came about with NeA's decision of acknowledging the work and the contribution of these part-time mentors. Thus, substitute educator's day is observed on the 3rd Friday of November around the world.

Teacher's Day Dates
Celebrity Teachers
Teacher's Day is the perfect opportunity for you to thank your teacher's for all the encouragement and inspiration. Teachers walk into the classroom every morning and teach you something new without expecting anything in return. They educate you and mold you into holistic individuals. This Teacher's Day, surprise your teacher's with a Teacher's Day Trivia quiz, and have some fun in the classroom!