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This Teacher's Day, have some fun with your teachers by testing their knowledge with fun quizzes! Read on to find some interesting and fun quiz questions.

Teacher's Day Quiz

Teachers teach, enrich and educate us for most part of life. What we learn from them stays with us forever. But somehow, at times we forget to show our appreciation towards our teachers. Teacher's Day is celebrated all over the world on October 5, though some are celebrated on different dates. It's a day when we honor our teachers and it gives us a chance to tell our teachers how much we appreciate them. Add fun to the entertainment and the Teacher's Day gala by being the teacher for a day and asking your teachers to participate in a quiz competition!! Ask them questions like, "Who was the great Greek philosopher who had students like Plato and was condemned for his teaching?" (Yes, you guessed it right, it was Socrates). It's time to get your teachers to put on their thinking caps and answer some questions. Think of how much fun everyone would have with this role reversal! Here are some questions that might help you create a fun quiz to ask your teachers!

Fun Quiz Questions

Conducting A Quiz
Questions That You Could Ask
Here are some questions that you could ask your teachers:
These are just a few of the questions that you could ask. You could also add questions pertaining to your school, like school history and fun trivia questions about your school. Hope these questions were helpful and you have a good time conducting your quiz. The trick is to keeping the quiz simple, but complex enough for some brain-war! enjoy and make sure your teacher's enjoy too! Remember that it is their day, and that they should feel appreciated and loved!