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UNeSCO designated 5th of October as World Teacher's Day. World Teachers' Day'06 is on Thursday.

World Teacher's Day

Since the last fifteen years, almost 100 countries around the world have been celebrating World Teacher's Day on 5th October. UNeSCO inaugurated the said date as World Teacher's Day in 1994. The efforts of education International (the global union federation that represents education professionals worldwide) and its 348 member organizations have contributed to the wide spread recognition of World Teachers Day. every year, education International launches a public awareness campaign to highlight the contributions of the teaching profession.

World Teacher's Day is celebrated to convey an appreciation of the contribution, dedication and devotion of the teachers. Teachers are essential, rather indispensable, for the effective working of our educational system. They help in the development of a child, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. They expand our horizons and encourage us to explore our potentialities to the maximum possible extent. As our age progresses, we come out of their shadows, but their footprints remain etched on our life paths.

Teachers hold an important position in the society. They help in the development of the society, by building a better-educated and more tolerant community, thus contributing to the prosperity of the nation. By dedicating a day to the teachers, we recognize the importance of having competent, qualified and motivated educators across the world. This day, certainly, will be mentioned in golden letters in the annals of history and observed by generations to come, with the same enthusiasm as us.

World Teachers Day Celebrations
World Teacher's Day is celebrated across the world on 5th October, with great verve and enthusiasm. ever since the importance of teachers has been recognized by UNeSCO, by adopting the "Recommendation concerning the status of teachers", World Teacher's Day has been celebrated annually. This includes celebrations to honor the teachers for their special contribution in a particular field area or the community in general.

World Teacher's Day History
World Teacher's Day is celebrated all across the globe on 5th October, every year. The day came to be celebrated for the first time in the year 1994 and since then, it has been observed by 100 countries in the world. On this day, teachers are honored for their immense contribution towards the education and development of children. It is celebrated by over 100 countries in the world aided by the efforts of education International to appreciate the efforts of teachers and express gratitude towards them.