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"Sur" is an Indian movie directed by Tanuja Chandra starring Lucky Ali and Gauri Karnik.


'Sur' is a Bollywood movie released in 2002, which stars the famous singer Lucky Ali, along with a debutant Gauri Karnik. The other actors in the movie are Simone Singh, Achint Kaur, ehsaan Khan, Divya Dutta and Harsh Vasishth. Director by Tanuja Chandra, the movie is a touching human drama that explores the subtle nuances of a relationship between a middle-aged music teacher and his young female student. It deals with a teacher's jealousy and the feeling of competition with a student, which crops up in him.

Vikramaditya Singh (Lucky Ali) is a music composer. He also runs a small musical school, where he teaches music. Although a singer himself, he is not satisfied with his compositions. He dreams of finding a great student and honing his/ her talent to the greatest extent possible, for he wants to introduce a master piece to the world. He believes that this special student would come to be recognized as the most talented singer of the world. His search comes to an end when he finds Tina (Gauri Karnik)

Vikramaditya hears Tina singing in a church. Impressed by her magical voice, he takes her under his guidance and trains her. However, he starts feeling jealous of her when, eventually, she turns out to be a better singer than him. He begins to envy her success and starts competing with her. Vikramaditya tries to dominate her and demeans her talent. However, towards the end, he realizes his mistakes and gets her to perform in a concert. In the end, Tina becomes a successful singer and Vikramaditya goes back to teaching music to his students.