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Celebrate Teacher's Day this year by watching Hindi movie, Sir, starring Naseeruddin Shah, Pooja Bhatt, Atul Agnihotri and Paresh Rawal.

Sir (1993)

Bertrand Russell rightly said "No man can be a good teacher unless he has feelings of warm affection toward his pupils and a genuine desire to impart to them what he believes to be of value." The story of 'Sir' revolves around this concept. You might also have had wonderful teachers who played an important role in your life, molding you into what you are today. Such teachers are 'role models' and we try to follow their principles and values. Aman Verma is such a teacher who, despite his tragic life, loves his students and stands by them in their good and bad times. The story begins with Aman's happy life with his wife and little son. He loses his son in a gang war between a gangster Veljibhai and his rival. The couple, unable to stand the grief of losing their son, separate despite their deep love for each other. Left with nothing, he indulges in teaching and becomes a favorite teacher of his students. Aman Verma is an example of how a teacher should ideally be. Read further to know more about the movie, 'Sir'.

Hindi Movie Sir
The movie depicts the touching tale of Aman Verma, a college lecturer who shares an exemplary relationship with his students. A brutal gang war, between the notorious mobsters of the town shattered Aman's life when it claimed his only son. Unable to stand the grief, Aman's wife divorces him, leaving him even more vulnerable. To overcome his pain, Aman finds pleasure in teaching and being with his students. The main plot of the movie develops from this backdrop.

In college, he comes across a student named Pooja (played by Pooja Bhatt), who has a very pronounced stammering problem. Being her teacher, Aman volunteers to correct Pooja's speech problem. He later realizes that Pooja is the only daughter of gangster Veljibhai, the same person whose gang had claimed his son's life and shattered his family. However, this doesn't deter Aman from caring for Pooja, as he does not hold Pooja responsible for her father's deeds. even when Mac, associate of gangster Veljibhai, warns Aman to stay away from meddling in Puja's affairs, he remains steadfast with his promise to help his student.

Aman is a courageous teacher who does not hesitate in meeting up face to face with most dangerous of hooligans for the good of his students. When Pooja's father Veljibhai decides to meet him, Aman Verma calmly accepts it. Story proceeds in this whirlwind plot, where mobsters are involved in gang-wars slaying each other's member. Moving further, Veljibhai receives threat his daughter Puja's life, he confines Pooja to home and restricts her from going out of house. Aman Verma intervenes to make truce between the two gangsters -Veljibhai and his rival.

Aman Verma shows an extraordinary resilience to personal loss; he does not retreat from life grieving and mourning for the loss. Instead, he comes forward to empathize with the sufferings of others and help them as much as he can. He remains a guide to all his students in the college. He is adored by his students who fondly address him as "Sir".

The story takes a turn when Aman Verma organizes a college trip to Bangalore. During the trip, Pooja and Karan (played by Atul Agnihotri) fall in love with each other. Karan professes his love for Pooja to Veljibhai who refuses to accept the proposal. However, Veljibhai is hell bent on finding a suitable groom for Pooja and arranges travel to America for Pooja's engagement. Aman Verma, not being able to witness the tragic end of Karan and Pooja's love story, decides to help them. In this scenario, he does not hesitate to play the role of a friend to his students. He extends all his support to bring Pooja and Karan together and helps them get married.

The movie depicts the close bond shared between a devoted teacher and his students. Sir is a must watch movie on this Teacher's Day for both teachers and students. In this movie, Aman Verma is not only looked upon as a teacher but also as a guide and a friend of his students. Sir is a tribute to all those devoted teachers who help bring the best out of their students.