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Times have changed, and in today's world, a teacher needs to focus on a lot more duties than just mentoring students. Read on to know more about the responsibilities and duties of teachers.

Responsibilities And Duties Of Teachers

Today, the world of teaching has changed drastically. There are newer pedagogies and better technologies that help a teacher work towards making classes entertaining and creative. Children are innovative thinkers who shouldn't be shackled to rote learning. It is important for the teacher to facilitate this creative process of learning instead of simply being just another run-of-the-mill teacher. There are innovative methods of teaching that are available at hand and one should be curious enough to use them. The responsibilities and duties of teachers must parallel the needs and the creative minds of children. Some of the most common duties of teachers involve facilitation, enrichment, and mentoring. Teachers also have the added responsibility of understanding the ever-growing and the animated mind of a child. Teachers are expected to demonstrate interpersonal skills with children and their parents. Scroll down to know more about the responsibilities and duties of teachers towards students.

Duties Of A Teacher

Teachers should be mentors to their students. A mentor is a person who provides information, guides and acts as a role model for his/her mentee. 'Mentoring', is one of the most important duties of a teacher, fostering and allowing the child to grow intellectually in his/her own space. One of the key elements to right mentoring is when the teacher inculcates a flexible attitude and makes sure that the child is able to work cooperatively in a classroom environment. The teacher should be able to make the student feel comfortable and help the student participate in classroom activities.

Role Model
Teachers are an inherent part of a student's life. Teachers should always take into consideration the choices that they make, as students are constantly looking up to them. A teacher has to be a role model at all times. This includes, exhibiting the right behavior in class, poised body language and also in terms of the content being taught. As a role model, a teacher must respect others and correct student's behavior when necessary.

Being a teacher is hard work. It is important to be the best at what you do, because as teachers, you shape the lives of students and influence them. Always remember that what you do will have an effect on the children around you. To be a teacher, you must love the profession. Keep in mind the roles and responsibilities of being and teacher and don't let your students down!