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"Mr. Holland's Opus" is a film directed by Stephen Herek starring Richard Dreyfuss, Glenne Headly and Jay Thomas.

Mr. Holland's Opus

'Mr. Holland's Opus', starring Richard Dreyfuss, Glenne Headly, Jay Thomas, and Olympia Dukakis, falls in the genre of drama films. The movie was written by Patrick Sheane Duncan and directed by Stephen Herek. It was released in the year 1995, as a re-packaged version of the 1966 Disney movie, "Follow Me, Boys!", which featured Fred MacMurray and Kurt Russell. The film was shot in Portland, Oregon and vicinity areas. In the United States alone, the gross domestic takings of the movie were US$ 82,569,971.

'Mr. Holland's Opus' also features the American history spanning from 1960's to 1990's, including the Vietnam War, John Lennon's assassination and the infamous Water Gate scandal. The movie also reflects on the attitudes of people towards the deaf and the cutting of arts program in public schools in U.S. Patrick Sheane Duncan, the director, received a Golden Globe nomination for the Movie. Richard Dreyfuss was also nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe. The movie has some wonderful pieces of classical music and an orchestral score by the American composer Michael Kamen.

Glenn Holland (Richard Dreyfuss) is a musician and composer, who ends up taking up a teaching job to pay his rent. However, in his 'spare time', he strives to achieve his true goal - compose one memorable piece of music to leave his mark on the world. Soon, Holland discovers that 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans'. He finds his calling in the most unlikely place, sharing his love of music with his students

Holland makes music fill the life of his students, the way it fills his. His students respond to his contagious passion as well. As the years unfold, Holland finds himself on an unplanned path. He redefines success and his own dreams, realizing that his legacy will be much greater than he ever dreamed of. And with the help of his students and his family, Glenn Holland learns that life is what happens when you embrace the unexpected.