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Give your teachers a note of your love and appreciation by sending them wonderful Teacher's Day emails. Read further for ways to appreciate your teachers through emails.

Teacher's Day emails

Teacher's Day is a wonderful opportunity to express your respect and gratitude towards your teachers who play a key role in molding you in your formative years. Students all around the world, wait eagerly for this very special day to pay tribute to their teachers for their overall contribution in carving the society. Different countries celebrate Teacher's Day on different dates and this celebration is acknowledged by UNeSCO as well. No matter how close students are to their teachers, they move one once they complete their school/college life. No matter how far your teachers are, you can still make them feel special by sending them personalized e-mails. everybody, irrespective of their age, has a special corner in their heart for some special teachers and the feeling is also reciprocated. Hence, your mail will definitely be a sweet surprise for your teacher. Scroll further and read on to know how you can make this day memorable for your teacher with the help of a touching email.

Teacher's Day Appreciation emails

Include Pictures In Your Mail
Imagine the joy your teacher would experience as s/he receives your mail on Teacher's day! It would be a great idea to surprise your teacher(s) with a special mail showing your respect. Send some pictures, either the one your teacher clicked with you, or any random picture that reminds you of them. Such mails not only invoke nostalgic memories, but also strengthen the bond between you and your teacher. If you have not been in touch with your teacher for a long time, this is the best way to revive the relationship. Teachers, the major architects of your life, deserve something really special this day. So, appreciate your teachers with a very personal mail on this Teacher's Day!

Online Greeting Cards
Teacher's Day is a perfect podium to respect and appreciate the efforts your teachers put in to improve your moral and intellectual virtues. So, on this special occasion, pay tribute to the valuable contribution of your teachers by sending them cute, attractive e-cards. This is one of the best surprises you can give your teacher. Get ready with your surprise well ahead of the Teacher's Day so that your gift can be perfectly timed.

Personalized Messages
In case you are sending e-cards to your favorite teacher, send personalized messages saying how much he/she has helped you grow in life. It will indeed be special as s/he reads through the lines and feels delighted at having taught a student like you. You may even include some funny incidences at school to bring about a smile on your teacher's face. No need to mention that casual language is anytime preferred over formal; you are sharing memories and expressing your gratitude but, do not go overtly casual. Some amount of respect balanced with some familiarity is the way to go here.

Some examples Of emails

example #1
Dear Ma'am,
This email comes your way as a token of appreciation for all your support that made me strong enough to face the world. You have inspired me a lot and I owe to you greatly for what I am today. Thanks for being there to help me stride forward in my life. Wishing you a wonderful Teacher's Day!

example #2
Dear Sir,
On this special occasion of Teacher's Day, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for all the wonderful support that you have given me throughout my days of education. During the times of highs and lows of my life, you have been there for me and never gave up on me. For me, you are the best teacher I have ever had and I will feel the same about you always. Happy Teacher's Day!

example # 3
Dear Sir/Ma'am,
You have always given us knowledge selflessly, mended us efficiently and honed our skills. It was your support and inspiration which helped me become a strong person. I appreciate all your efforts wholeheartedly and would like to wish you all the happiness of the world. May God bless you! Happy Teacher's Day to you!

So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your teachers on their special day with a touching e-mail. The examples given above would help you draft a beautiful mail on this very special occasion.