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Whether a party or a get together, you need to decorate the table. Read this article and find interesting centerpiece ideas for Teacher's Day.

Teacher's Day Centrepieces

Teachers are important people in our lives who had not only guided you to face life boldly, but also, had been with you as a friend and philosopher during tough times. Don't you think such people deserve really great appreciation? But, just think, have you ever appreciated your teacher for all that he/she has done to you? If yes, it is commendable but if no, you should think about it. You don't need a special occasion to express your respect and gratitude towards your teacher(s) but as we have a special day dedicated to our teachers, it would be nice if you could arrange some activities for this day. You may either do it alone or with your friends. Whatever you plan to do, whether a get together or a party, decorations are very important. A table decoration is not complete without an alluring centerpiece. It should be appealing and at the same time, it should be in line with the theme of the party or celebration. Here, your theme is related to school, teachers and learning. Given below are some interesting Teacher's Day centerpieces ideas. Have a look.

Centerpiece Ideas For Teachers Day

Light Of Knowledge Centerpiece
Flowers are always the best centerpieces for all occasions. However, it would be appreciated if you can present them creatively. So, on this Teacher's Day, try making a floral centre piece with a difference. For Instance, you can arrange flowers in a glass jar filled with numbers and alphabets. Place this centerpiece on a book. This is the best way to tell your teacher how inspiring she/he is, leading you on the path of knowledge.

A fruit centerpiece is not a new idea but it is good choice for Teacher's Day. This Teacher's Day, try an apple centerpiece. It is simple, light-hearted and a tried and tested idea. Use some creativity to make it look attractive. To make it colorful, you may try different apples like green and red apples. You may decorate the bowl with red or patterned ribbon around it. If you want to make numbers and alphabets on it, you may use a glue gun to attach foam or felt pieces to make desirable shapes like alphabets and numbers.

School Supplies
School supplies centerpieces would be the ideal one for Teacher's Day. To make such a centerpiece, take a tall and wide glass vase and fill it with a variety of school supplies. For this, you need to choose generic items that you use in classroom on a daily basis Pencils, ruler, erasers, chalk and crayons are more specific to the theme. You may also include specialty school supplies like geometry sets for math teachers, paintbrushes or crayons for art teachers, small globes and compasses for geography teaches etc.

Nothing makes a better centerpiece than books. Books are simple yet an abundant source of knowledge and most often, the best companion of teachers. So, on this Teacher's Day, try making a wonderful centerpiece from books. You may choose books of different subjects to place on the table. Stack the books on the table, all stacks should be approximately of the same height. Hence, the number of books to be placed on the table will depend on the thickness of the books used.

Carnation Centerpiece
White flowers represent reverence. So, on Teacher's Day, express your reverence to your teacher with a pearly white carnation centerpiece. Don't wonder where to get it from, you can make it yourself. You may need a stand, floral foam balls and some white carnations for this. Place the floral foam in the stand and insert the peduncle of the flowers into it, covering it all over. A beautiful teacher's day centerpiece is ready!

Yellow Mellow
Yellow is a bright and energetic color. Why not make yellow a theme for this Teacher's Day? To make yellow centre pieces you will need glass bowls, yellow flowers like sunflowers and some lemon. Fill the glass bowl with water and add lemon slices and then, place yellow flowers in it. Yes, your bright and simple Teacher's Day centerpiece is ready!

You now have enough ideas to make alluring centerpieces for this Teacher's day celebrations. Try any of these ideas, whichever you feel is easy to make. You may try a combination of one or two ideas as well.