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Your teacher deserves a grand welcome on this special day. explore some exciting Teacher's Day welcome ideas to give a surprise welcome to your teacher on this day.

Surprise Welcome For Teachers

Teacher's Day, the day dedicated to all the teachers around the globe, falls on October 5th every year. This is a special day to show your gratitude and reverence to your teachers. Celebrating Teacher's Day at school along with your friends is a wonderful experience indeed. Teachers dedicate their entire life mentoring countless children and such peopleare undoubtedlyworth honoring. So, make this Teachers Day a special one for your teacher by expressing how you feel about them. You may have planned to give gifts or throw a party on this day but, have you thought of giving your teachers a grand welcome? Let the surprise start right from the beginning of the day! Do not wonder what to do and how to arrange the welcome. We are here to help you out in this. There are several ways to give a memorable welcome to your teacher. It may cost only a bit of your creativity, not more than that. Have a look at the following section of this article for some amazing welcome ideas.

Teacher's Day Welcome Ideas

Treasure Hunt Returns!
How about welcoming your teacher to the class with a treasure hunt? It would definitely be funny and entertaining. Doubtlessly, this would be the most wonderful way to welcome your teacher to the class. Hang a big welcome note on the entrance of the class. The surprise doesn't end here! Leave a clue on the welcome board that something is waiting for him/her. Let every clue lead him/her to the next clues, till your teacher reaches his/her gift. Imagine what a sweet welcome it would be! It is up to you on how extensive you want to make the welcome. You may organize it within your class or distribute the clues all over the school campus, covering places like the garden, library, playroom etc., finally reaching the class monitor, who then hands over the gift to your teacher.

Paint Your Face
On Teacher's Day, paint your faces with you class teacher's or your favorite teacher's face. Imagine how surprised your teacher would be! When your teacher wonders what's happening, you can scream 'Happy Teacher's Day' to him/her and present your gift. The gift can be small packs from each of you or a massive one from the entire class.

edible Chalkboard
Is there something like that? Yes, you can make an edible chalk and chalkboard! You can make this edible chalkboard with chocolate. If you wish, you can even personalize thisgift with a special message from the class. You can make these chalk boards in different ways. You may make your own large chocolate bars or just buy your favorite chocolate bars from some shop. edible chalk can be made by pouring melted white confectionery coating or candy melts or tempered white chocolate into a drinking straw. Now, push the chalk out when it hastoughened. If it is long, cut the chalk into desired sizes. You may write your message on the chalkboard with the chalk. Sprinkling a bit of powdered sugar over the chocolate chalkboard and brushing itoff (you can use a pastry brush for this) makes the chalkboard look as though it has really been used. If you want to make it more appealing, you may add a frame, an apple, or any other decoration of your choice, using modeling chocolate.

Write ALetter
Letters are always the best way to express your emotions. So, why not writea letter to your teacher on Teacher's Day? Write this letter on the blackboard, as though it is written from the whole class so that when your teacher enters the class for a regular teaching session, he/she discovers the letter and no doubt that he/she will be touched with this gesture. Are you wondering what to write? Here is a sample for that!

Sample Letter

"Dear Mr. Johannes,
This day is special for us, the students because, it is October 5th and we consider ourselves to be lucky to have a teacher like you. So, we want to wish you a 'Happy Teachers' Day!' We are writing this letter here because we consider that cards are extremely impersonal and we want to say wish you in a personal way.

We don't think that you have any idea about how wonderful teacher you are. We enjoyed being taught by you and our sincere thanks for that. Sir, you are an excellent teacher we've ever seen.

Math was always a heap of problems for all of us but, you made us love that subject now, it became a fun solving the problems. Thank you for creating an interest in the subject!

You are a wonderful mentor too! We think that great teachers not just teach the subject; they encourage and inspire you to face the life with courage. You made us look at life more seriously and confidently and helped us determine our path. Thank you for all.
No matter wherever we go, you will be there in our mind, guiding to good! We wish you all the best in your life.

Once again,Happy Teachers' Day!
Wish you happiness and health forever!
With Love,
Class X".

Good teachersare the best blessingsa student can ever have. A teacher can make or break your interest either in a particular subject or in studies altogether. There are times when we forget to recognize people for all they do, though we respect them in our minds. On Teacher's Day this year, express your wishes and love to your teacher. Happy Teacher's Day!