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The fifth of September every year is celebrated as Teacher's Day in India. Check this article out for more information on the essential components of a Teacher's Day feast.

Teacher's Day Feast

Teacher's Day is a special occasion for students to celebrate and pay respect to their teachers. Traditionally, Teacher's Day is celebrated on the 5th of October annually. In India however, Teacher's day is celebrated on September 5. The Teacher's Day feast forms an important part of Teacher's Day celebrations. School/College auditoriums and grounds are usually decorated with festoons and balloons. Seating arrangements for chief guests and teachers will be done by the students. Apart from a grand luncheon/dinner, teachers are served snacks, finger foods and beverages. Students distribute sweets, candies and chocolates to other fellow students. At the luncheon banquet, students will have the opportunity to interact and spend quality time with their favorite teachers and express their heartfelt appreciation and love for them. Students also present gifts and cards to their respective class teachers and express their gratitude towards them. Both teachers and students revel in the elaborate feast put up and served on this day.

Teacher's Day Feast
So, in this way, students celebrate teacher's day with a great feast and activities. This will not only ensure that your teachers have fun, but will also be etched in their memories forever. Teachers play a key role in educating and mentoring students to achieve their goals. each one of us remembers at least a couple of teachers who have been major influences in shaping our career. So, this Teacher's Day, why not do something for them in return? With this wonderful feast, your teachers are definitely going to cherish what you have done for them, forever!