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First Teachers Day is full of excitement, surprise and enthusiasm. Check out information on First Teacher's Day celebration ideas, in the article.

First Teacher's Day

First Teacher's Day in your school/college would be a special occasion for everyone. To honor your teachers and show your sincere gratitude to them, you may arrange a number of interesting activities, on the day. To celebrate the day, make a plan that includes all the necessary details, including the duties assigned to each student. Sit together with your classmates and make a list of the activities for the special occasion. You may dedicate each hour of the six hours in your school/college to one activity. By dividing the duties among yourselves, you can come up with a memorable first Teacher's Day. Go through the following lines to get ideas on first Teacher's Day.

First Teachers Day Celebration Ideas

First Hour
The first hour can be divided into two classes of half an hour each. The senior-most students of the institution may take the classes during the first hour of the day. The students can distribute the designation of teachers among themselves. One of the students shall act as the principal and take the responsibility for the activities of the day. This will be really a lifelong experience for them, as they will get to know the responsibility of manning 30-40 students in a class.

Second Hour
In the second hour, you may arrange a song competition. This will provide the opportunity for your teachers and others in the staff, to listen to their favorite songs, sung by some of the best singers of your school/college. Make sure that you keep attractive prizes for the singers.

Third Hour
You may dedicate the third hour of the day to dance competitions. Prior to the celebrations, announce that all the students are welcome to participate in the auditions. Short-list the best dancers of your institution and guide them to deliver some memorable performances, on stage. Assign attractive prizes for the dancers.

Fourth Hour
The fourth hour can be assigned to refreshments for the participants as well as teachers. For the purpose, order some finger foods, such as sandwiches, French fries, pizzas etc, and complement them with delicious ice creams and pastries. Make sure that everyone gets his/her share of refreshments.

Fifth Hour
Dedicate the fifth hour of the day for sharing ideas with teachers and fellow students. It would be very interesting, as the students will get to know interesting facts about their teachers. You may ask the teachers to come up with interesting anecdotes from their life. Some students will also get an opportunity to express how some teachers have changed the course of their life.

Sixth Hour
To culminate the day in the most elegant way, honor the teachers with 'best teacher certificate' and similar rewards. The selection of the best teacher shall be based on voting by the students.