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Teacher's Appreciation Day ideas are meant to show your teachers how much you appreciate them.

Teacher's Appreciation Ideas

A teacher is someone who is the mentor of your life. Right from the nursery teacher who taught you to identify the alphabets to the one who was your project guide at your PhD. a teacher has been the guiding force of your life. He/She is the one who made you the expert of the subject you are and also, been the motivational factor behind your success. As a student, we often fail to identify the contribution of our teachers in your life but later in life, we realize his/her importance at every milestone of life. So, if getting a chance one must not forget to identify and appreciate the efforts which a teacher puts in giving a direction to your life. On the occasion of teachers' day, commemorate the efforts of your teachers in various ways. We are listing below some of the teachers' appreciation day ideas. Read these appreciation ideas for Teachers' Day and you will know how to appreciate your teachers.

How To Appreciate Your Teachers

Write for Your Teacher
Write poems, letters, or notes of appreciation and leave them in teachers' mailboxes. Read them at morning assembly or in the claasroom.

Organize Breakfast
A day before Teachers' Day, order coffee and breakfast items, for your teachers. Arrive in the school early. Receive the foodstuff yourself in the morning and set up the whole breakfast before your teacher's arrival.

Prepare Souvenirs
Print your teacher's names on coffee mugs, T-shirts, schoolbags, etc or to commemorate the efforts put in by your teachers.

Make Notes
Write teachers notes like "Well done", "Thank You"," You Are The Best", "You Are Appreciated", etc. Put them on the desk of your teacher before he/she comes to the class.

Activities after School
Plan a party for teachers at the end of the school day. Organize some light games and provide refreshments.

Decorate the staff room and the hallways of the school for Teacher's Appreciation Day.

Red Carpet
Create your own Walk of Fame for your teachers. Get a piece of red carpet or put red butcher paper down in the entry hall. Make gold stars with a teacher's name on each, and have the school meet the teachers as they arrive one morning.

Flower Shower
Make a student stand at the entry gate before the teacher's arrival. Shower the teachers with flowers when they enter the school.

Say Thank You Differently
Prepare a group of twenty students. Write the phrase 'THANKS FOR A GReAT YeAR!' with each letter on a separate piece of paper. Now attach one letter on the front side of one student. Arrange the students in a horizontal line at the entry gate to form the complete phrase. Make sure all this is done before the teachers start coming.

During computer class, send your teachers thank you notes via e-mail. When he comes up to you to say thanks, gift him with a wonderful flower bouquet.

Dress Up
On Teacher Appreciation Day, dress up as your favorite teacher. Ask him/her to take sometime off and take the class that he/she was supposed to take. But, don't forget to take prior permission from your principal for this.