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Check out when is Teacher's Day falling in 2021

Teacher's Day Date

Teachers form a very important part of almost all the societies. Their contribution towards the education and development of children, a country's coming generation, is simply invaluable. Teachers have always been the vital contributor of learning in the society. They serve as the foundation of the cultural and sustainable development of the nation as a whole. Teacher's Day seeks to honor teacher for this very reason only. It is celebrated in almost all countries of the world, though on different dates. each of the countries pays tribute to the teachers in its own way, on its own special way. In the following lines, we have listed the date on which the Teacher's Day is celebrated in the major countries of the world.

Teacher's Day 2021

Country Date
Afghanistan May 24
Albania March 7
Algeria February 28
Argentina September 11
Australia Last Friday in October
Azerbaijan October 5
Bahrain February 28
Bhutan May 2
Bolivia June 6
Brazil October 15
Canada October 5
Chile October 16
China September 10
Colombia May 15
Croatia October 5
Czech Republic March 28
Ecuador April 13
Egypt February 28
El Salvador June 22
Hong Kong September 10
Hungary First Sunday of June
India September 5
Indonesia November 25
Iran May 2
Jamaica May 6
Jordan February 28
Lithuania October 5
Lebanon March 3
Libya February 28
Malaysia May 16
Mexico May 15
Mongolia First weekend of February
Morocco February 28
Oman February 28
Qatar February 28
Pakistan October 5
Panama December 1
Paraguay April 30
Peru July 6
Philippines October 5
Poland October 14
Russia October 5
Saudi Arabia February 28
Singapore September 1
Slovakia March 28
Syria February 28
Thailand January 16
Turkey November 24
Tunisia February 28
United Arab emirates February 28
United States Tuesday in the first full week of May
Yemen February 28