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Vada is a very popular South Indian snack. Learn how to make Vada, by following the simple recipe given in the article.


Onam is very special for Malayalees all over the world, as it is the state festival for their homeland - Kerala. Celebrated with great fanfare, Onam is the wonderful opportunity for people to reconnect with their family and friends back home. Feasting is a prominent part of the merrymaking. Right from the snacks to the meal, everything served during the festive season of Onam has the unique flavor of Kerala. One of the popular snacks is Vada (doughnuts). Typically, a South Indian dish, a number of variations are there in the recipe of Vada. The two popular variants of the recipe are Uzhunnu Vada (made with Black Gram/Urad Dal) and Parippu Vada (made with Chana Dal). It is very crispy, delicious and served hot with Sambhar or Coconut Chutney. In the following lines, we have provided an easy recipe of Vada. Let us know how to make the dish.

Vada Recipe