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Sambhar is one of the lip-smacking delicacies of South India and inevitable part of Onasadya. Know how to make Sambar, with the recipe given here.


On the glorious festival of Onam, lip-smacking Onasadya (Onam feast) is prepared by every Malayalee household, as it is the state festival of Kerala. It is said that people should eat the Onam feast during the festival even they have to sell their possessions. Talking about the dishes, the recipes prepared for the grand feast may vary from region to region. Although people make dishes that are native to their own region, the tradition of feasting on Thiruvonam (the tenth day of Onam) remains unchanged. Out of the recipes, Sambhar is one of the important dishes, which is prepared in myriad ways by the Keralites. In the following lines, we have provided the easiest way of how to make Sambar.

Sambar Recipe