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Theeyal is a popular recipe of Kerala. Easy to make curry, theeyal finds special place in Onasadya. Know how to make theeyal, in the article.


The harvest festival of Onam is celebrated with fun and fervor. Feasting and playing games form the important traditions of the festival, which falls on the Malayalam month - Chingam (Aug-Sep). Celebrated across the length and breadth of Kerala, Onam finds a special place in the Hindu festivals of India. One of the highlighting features of the festival is Onasadya, the traditional Onam feast. While the main dish and the puddings remain almost the same, many variations are brought about to the side dishes served in the feast. Many people are fond of relishing on theeyal, during the festival. Prepared using baby onions, the taste and aroma of theeyal curry can allure everyone. The spicy dish is very easy to make. Given below is the recipe of theeyal curry, describing how to make the dish.

Theeyal Curry Recipe