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Idli is one of the most popular south Indian recipes, relished all over the country. Know how to make Idli, through this article.


Idli is one of the most popular south Indian recipes all over the country. Extremely scrumptious, light and nutritious, Idli is an ideal breakfast item. Made of rice and Urad Daal, making Idli is not difficult at all, however its preparation takes a little time as the batter for Idli requires fermentation. As it is a steamed food with minimum oil and no spices, it is an ideal food item for every body. It is one of the most regularly made items in any Malayalee home. Idli is served hot along with sambhar and Nariyal chutney (Coconut chutney). Read on to know how to make idli, if you want to try this wonderful south Indian delicacy.

Idli Recipe