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If you want to send greetings on Onam, then read the article. Read the article and know how to send greeting cards and e-cards on Onam.

Onam Cards

Onam Cards
Onam is celebrated throughout the state of Kerala with immense gusto and fervor. The festival is celebrated as the harvest celebrations of the state as well as a welcome festival to the season of spring. It is celebrated in the month of 'chingam', the first month of a Malayalee calendar that collides with the August-September month of the Gregorian calendar. On the occasion of Onam, Malayalee people all over the world celebrate the festival by community get together, games, feasting, exchanging gifts and good wishes. As in this global world, people live quite far way from each other, the easiest and the most convenient way of exchanging gift is the 'greeting cards.'

As sending a greeting card is a very complicated task, it is obviously the best as well as economical way to convey heartfelt wishes to near and dear ones on the festive occasions like Onam. It is not only a very personalized form of wishing someone but also a way to make him special and remembered. There are varieties of cards specially made for this occasion. They can easily be found in the renowned card galleries like Archies and Paper Rose from a month prior to this occasion. Apart from greeting cards through post, you can also e-cards for Onam. Read on for advices on how to send greeting cards on the occasion of Onam.

Onam Greeting Cards

Gift Galleries
Several renowned galleries like Archies, Paper Rose and Hallmark bring specialized card for such occasions in their outlets. They are designed on various themes and stories related to the festival. Selecting a card from such outlets is also an easy task because there are varieties of options available on the same theme. All you need not to do is select a card of your choice with some soulful messages and post it through courier to your loved one.

E-cards are also a very suitable means of sending your well wishes and messages on this occasion. On the occasion of Onam, various websites provide you an option to send the Onam cards free of cost. It is also the most reliable as well as the fastest means of sending your well wishes to all your relatives and friends.

Homemade Greeting Cards
If you have time and you want to be a little creative, you can go for homemade greeting cards also. A handmade card makes a person feel extremely special and cared. For making a handmade card, you simply need to collect some colorful photos related to the festival and stick it on the cardboard paper, cut it our in a beautiful shape and adorn it with lovely messages.