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The recipe of Pesarattu is very easy to make, as it contains a few ingredients. Learn how to make Moong Dal Dosa (Pesarattu), in the article.


A number of varieties of dosa (Indian pancakes made of flour) are made in the southern parts of India. Out of them, Pesarattu stands out. Prepared by using moong dal, Pesarattu makes a very healthy and easy-to-make snack item, which can be served with coconut chutney. You may sprinkle chopped onions inside the moong dal dosas, to increase the flavor of the taste. While a lot of variations can be brought about to the recipe, the basic ingredient (moong dal) remains the same. In the following lines, we have given an easy-to-make recipe of Pesarattu. Go through it and know how to make Moong Dal Dosa.

Moong Dal Dosa Recipe