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Palada Pradhaman is a dessert item served in Onam feast. Learn how to make Palada Prathaman, with the recipe given in the article.

Palada Pradhaman

Palada Pradhaman
Onam, the harvest festival of Malayalees, is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Right from Attam (the first day of the festival), the air is filled with festivity. A number of interesting games are played. While the rituals performed on Onam may differ from region to region, one tradition that remains the same is feasting. Delicious Onasadya (the traditional Onam feast) is prepared at every Malayalee household, during the festival. One of the inevitable recipes of the feast is Pradhaman (payasam), the dessert that is served just before ending the meal. While a number of variations are there for the prathaman - it can be made using ripe plantain or arhar ki dal - Palada Pradhaman stands out. Given below is the easy recipe of Palada Pradhaman. Read it and know how to make the dish.

Palada Prathaman Recipe