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Banana Halwa is an extremely delicious sweet recipe popular in Kerala. Know how to make Kele Ka Halwa, through this article.

Banana Halwa

Banana Halwa
Kerala recipes are extremely luscious. Apart from the variety of coconut dishes, the most relishing Kerala recipes are sweet to taste. Payasams, Uniyappam, Elayada, Achappam, Banana Halwa (Nenthra Pazham Haluva) are the most popular sweet dishes of the state. Kele ka Halwa (banana halwa) or the Nenthra Pazham Haluva is one of most relished Malayalee dish. As it is clear by its name, banana is the chief ingredient of this recipe. Extremely scrumptious and very easy to make, this recipe is worth trying once. Read on for the recipe, if you are interested in know how to make kele ka halwa.

Banana Halwa Recipe