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Native to Kerala, Rice Puttu makes a delicious and healthy breakfast. Explore the recipe given in the article and learn how to make Rice Puttu.

Rice Puttu

Rice Puttu#
The festival of Onam is observed with much fanfare all over Kerala. The festival of harvest includes a number of interesting activities, one of them being feasting. All through the festival, delicious recipes are prepared by Malayalee household. When it comes to breakfast, they would ensure that something healthy as well as delicious is made, to kick-start the day. One such breakfast recipe is Puttu, which is commonly made with rice. For making puttu, special utensil named 'puttukutty' is used. It can also be prepared using suji, but the Rice Puttu is something that is truly Keralite. Rice Puttu can be served with Kadala Curry (Bengal gram curry), Nendhra Pazham (ripe plantain), Coconut Chutney or Pappadam (pappad). Read on to know how to make Rice Puttu.

Rice Puttu Recipe