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Explore the tradition of gifts exchange on Onam. Also get several gift and present for the occasion of Onam festival.

Onam Gifts

Onam is a spectacular carnival and the state festival of Kerala. It is celebrated with great zeal and gusto all over the state. People celebrate this festival with great pomp and show. There are grand celebrations, grand feasts, community get together and exchange of good wishes and gifts on the occasion of Onam. These gifts add on to the level of enthusiasm and raise the spirit of harmony amongst the traditional people of the states. Children are particularly excited about the Onam celebrations because they receive lots of gifts on the occasion. There are several kinds of gifts that can be presented on the occasion. Though people often stick to traditional gift items like clothes, if you want you can do a lot of experiment with the gifts depending upon whom you are going to present that.

Gifts Exchange On Onam
According to the Onam traditions, the eldest member of the family is supposed to gift his entire family with new clothes, sweets and other useful items on the occasion. Thus, in the conventional large joint families in Kerala called 'Tarawads', the eldest member of the family called 'Karanwar' presents Onam gifts to all the members of his family on the occasion of Tiruvonam. In nuclear families or in the urban areas, the father and mother present Onam gifts to their kids. Exchange of gifts also takes place between friends and neighbors.

Onam Gifts Ideas
On the occasion of Onam festivities, if you also want to gift your friends and family with some ideal Onam gifts, here are few options you can chose from.

Silver Coin
The most popular and traditional gift given Onam is 'Silver Coin'. Generally people prefer coins with Laxmi- Ganesh images as it is not only presentable but also auspicious.

Gold Jewelry
Gold Jewelry is also popular gift exchange amongst families. Generally, fathers present their daughters with expensive gold jewelries and husbands also present their wife with traditional gold jewelries.

Clothes are the most commonly presented Onam gifts. The elders of the family present several traditional dresses to the younger members of their family. People were this dress on the day of Tiruvonam, the tenth day of the celebrations.

Home Appliances
The tradition of presenting gift is now changing; people are now getting more inclined towards things of immediate uses like home appliances. These are very useful and also add on to the living standard of the person.

Gadgets are another extremely popular gift items during the Onam festivals. Mobile Phones, I-pods, I-phones, portable DVD players, laptops and video games are the most popular gadgets presented during the Onam festival.

Gift Coupons
People also present various kinds of gift vouchers and food coupons as a part of Onam gifts. This at times also includes passes to city club, movie tickets etc.