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During the festival of Onam, Malayalees keep their home spick and span. Explore the article to get ideas for home décor/decorations for Onam.

Onam Decorations

Onam Decorations
The harvest festival of Onam is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People wait for the festive season very eagerly, because they get the opportunity to reconnect with their long lost friends and faraway acquaintances. According to the legends, King Mahabali visits every Malayalee household in Kerala, on the occasion of Onam, to enquire about their wellbeing. Therefore, in order to welcome their benevolent king, the Malayalees make sure that their home is kept spick and span and beautifully decorated, so that their king doesn't go back in dismay. Few days prior to Onam, the homes are scrub-cleaned and decorated beautifully. If you want some home décor ideas for Onam, then this article is the right for you. Learn all about Onam decorations, in the following lines.

Onam Decoration Ideas