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Here are presented the ideas about making the homemade tree Halloween costume for kids/child.

Tree Child Halloween Costume

Nature lovers can make their child go for an all-green tree costume on Halloween. Known as a tree-child costume, it will make your child look absolutely different from the usual and bizarrely dressed children, vying to get that trademark scary look of Halloween. There are many tree outfits available in the market. At the same time, such outfits are also are easy to make at home and don't require any expensive accessories to give finishing touches to the desired look. Read the article to know some great ideas for homemade tree child costumes and connect with the nature this Halloween.

Homemade Tree Costumes For Kids

Grape Tree
Wear an all green dress and put small, inflated green balloons all over your body, using masking tape, with the help from a friend. Wear a long straw hat and glue leaves on its top. Become a walking-talking grape tree, in just a matter of half an hour. You can substitute green balloons for purple ones as well.

Christmas Tree
Christmas tree is another easy costume that you can make at home this Halloween. Make a long cylinder from green felt, with holes for your hands and neck. Stitch seam at the lower end of the fabric and put a hoop in the seam to give it a flared up shape. Thread a long lace in the hem on the neck and draw the strings to give the fabric a conical shape. Finally, wear brown jeans.

You are now ready as a basic fir tree. Use small unbreakable ornaments and garlands to decorate the tree costume, stitching them in place. Battery-operated Christmas lights can make you shine, while sparkling halos can be made for the forehead, using pipe cleaners brushed with glue and rolled in sparkling dust. You can improvise with butterflies, nests with eggs or fake snowflakes.

Flower Power
Small girls also look angelic as little flowers and sisters can wear similar dresses in different colors and look like a bunch of flowers in the party. They can wear tie-dye shirts with bell-bottom jeans and can either wear 'flower halo' in their hair or glue flowers on their headband, and go to the party with a big smile.

Scary Tree
There are also scary tree costumes available in the market, where the arms fit into the branches of the three. There is a bat-shaped hole in the bark of the tree and a mesh for one's face. If you want to sport the scary look, going for such costumes is a good idea.