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Here are given some simple Halloween costume ideas for geeks. Read about geeks Halloween party costumes.

Geeks Halloween Party Costume

Geek party costumes can be fun to try on Halloween. You can afford to look like that single minded and obsessed character, which is equally fun for others to watch. Halloween is one occasion when you can spot a geeky look and yet, be proud of it. So, go ahead and make innovative costumes to grab eyeballs at the Halloween celebrations. You can sport the look of an aging scientist or a mobile computer to look geeky. Read the article for some amazing Halloween costume ideas for geeks, and look like a confident nerd!

Halloween Costume Ideas For Geeks

Search Engine
Become a search engine by using a crochet top and pants or, preferably, staple any type of netting cloth that you can lay your hands on and attach bits and pieces of net from your clothing. Staple signs and logos of some popular Urls or website addresses on the netting, along with popular keywords such as 'romance', 'horror stories', 'my beloved vampire' and others and behold! You are a search engine in a minute.

You can also look like a nerdy boy from 50s, simply by wearing a white shirt, black pants with gallus, white socks and black shoes. Put a bowtie and big, black-framed eyeglasses and you look exactly like a nerd. If you want to be a nerd in a prom, add a satin jacket to the ensemble, with a red rose or handkerchief in the pocket.

Computer Costume
Geeks love anything related to computers. So, why not try a computer costume this Halloween. Take a big cardboard box and make hole for neck and arms in it. Paint a computer screen on it. You can add a keyboard, painted on a cardboard sheet, as well, bying attach it to your waist. Cover your head with a small-sized cardboard box and paint in the gray or black color.

Alternatively, you can take a long cardboard box, such as that of a refrigerator, and paint cell phone on it. Let the face be visible from cell phone's screen and have a sign for the guests pasted just below your face to message their names, addresses and phone numbers to your haunted mobile, so that you visit them at night. You can write other messages too, related to Halloween theme.

Pre-reformation Era Look
You can also try the pre-reformation era look. Wear a slick suit and spot a bit of stubble. Keep a drink in one hand, and in the other hand, keep a book with the corners cut off. Keep talking to someone as if he/she is invisible to make your look more believable.

Movie Costumes
You can also take ideas from movies. For instance, you can go for the Lord of the Rings costume, dressed up as Legolas or dress up as your favorite Star War character for that geeky look on Halloween.