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Here are presented a few Halloween costume ideas for women/females. Check out funny girl Halloween costumes.

Girl Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes for girls can be very innovative. They can wear dresses that are funny, historical, scary, or even make a rebellious statement. In fact, girls can also imitate the look of a famous woman whom they admire. A lot of effects can be added to Halloween costumes for women and the scope of creativity is broad. Once the look is decided upon, girls have a wide variety to choose from. The article comes up with some cool Halloween costume ideas for women, which allow them to show their wild side.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Newspaper Girl
Newspaper girl is an easy and interesting dressing up idea for girls. Wear a black (black and white leotards are even better) dress clinging to your body. Make pleated skirt out of newspaper, to wear on your waist. Paste newspaper pleats to collar, cuffs and hat. You can even prepare an umbrella, pasted with newspaper, to use as a prop. Use newsreader style to talk to people, for you are a newspaper, even if you walk and talk. As it is Halloween time, you may use cruel and bloody pictures to highlight the mood. Hula set is another good option for the beach-themed or tropical-themed Halloween party.

Flower Look
String fresh flowers or take multi-colored fake flower strings to make a headband, garland and two bracelets. Wear a hula skirt, along with a short top above the waist, covered with fresh flowers. Chinese traditional dress in red and yellow colors, silky black hair pressed to give straight look of the Asians or the bun with wooden sticks to hold it and rouge to highlight the cheekbones, will transform you into a Chinese doll. Wear a long gown and drape a cloth in the fashion of Statue of Liberty. Make the headpiece using ice-cream cones glued to a headband and painted white. Carry the torch with painted fames and you are ready.

Ace of Hearts
You can also dress up as Ace of Hearts, to go to the Halloween costume party. It is easy to make too. Wear a red shirt and trousers. Cut white poster boards to cover your body. Make holes at the top of each board and string ribbon through them so that they can be draped easily over the red shirt and trousers. Red socks and white shoes can be worn along with this dress. Glue two large, red hearts in the center of each white board. Toon the top-left and bottom-right corners, paint large red A's. You can also paint your face white and make a red heart on the cheek.

Borrow From Past
History can also be a great source of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas. Wear a full length dress, combined with a wide skirt or a hoop skirt, with crinoline underneath. Wear white gloves and a white brimmed hat and curl your hair to make rings. You can also go for a poodle skirt, a blouse, saddle shoes and bobby socks. Tie a pony tail and wear a scarf around your neck. Your Halloween look is complete!