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After break up, is it really worth being friends with your ex? Find out if lovers can be friends or not.

Being Friends with your Ex

Saying good-bye to someone with whom you spent some treasured and intimate moments can be very difficult. It is tough moving on after the break up and you have just one question on mind. Is it worth being friends with your ex? You want to move on yet cling to your past. Being friends with your ex might seem like a great idea but it does not always work out that way. Even if you do see past your personal differences and mutually decide to come to a single point as friends, you have to carefully set the parameters and draw the lines so that you don't hurt each other later in any way. Only when both of you are completely sure that you can move ahead forgetting about past differences and grievances, you can think about being friends with your ex. But for this you have to erase the previous memories of broken promises that you two had made to each other when you were together. Read on further to know 'can ex lovers be friends'?

Should You Be Friends with Your Ex

Green Eyed Monster
You may deny it as much as you want to, but you will feel miserably jealous when your ex (now friend) goes out on a date and has a wonderful time. It is human nature to feel so, it not wrong. Why make yourself and the other person feel miserable by feeling jealous and sending wrong vibes and wishing you never remained friends.

Passion is Still There
No matter how much you claim that you are friends, every time you see him/her, your heart still misses a beat. You have had some intimate moments together and every time you see your ex, you seem to relive those memories and silently enjoy. Yet another reason why it is not advisable to be friends with your ex.

Confiding is Tough
Friends share anything and everything with each other. But when that friend happens to be an ex, it becomes very difficult to confide in personal details. For instance, you have a big date coming up and you are wondering what you should be wearing in order to look stunning. You wouldn't go around asking your date whether you look good in the short black dress or the backless red one!

Comfort Zone
You have had a bad day at work, or maybe a fight with someone. You want to sit and talk to your friend about it. You feel the need to be pampered and hugged. Surely, your ex isn't the right person for it. For all that you know, you might be back to square one. The comfort level that you share with a friend and your ex can never be the same.