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Here, we provide the summary of the movie Terms of Endearment. Check out the story as well as review of Terms of Endearment.

Terms of Endearment

The story of 'Terms of Endearment' revolves around the relationship between a mother and her daughter. Directed by James L. Brooks, the movie is an adaptation of the novel by Larry McMurtry. It stars Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson and Jeff Daniels. In the following lines, we have provided the summary as well as review of the movie 'Terms of Endearment' in detail…

Aurora Greenway (MacLaine) is a widow, living with her only daughter Emma (Winger) in an upscale Houston neighborhood. Garrett Breedlove (Nicholson), an ex-astronaut, is their neighbor. Emma is about to get married and Aurora is not too happy with the match. She even decides not to attend the marriage ceremony. Emma marries Flap (Jeff Daniels), a graduate student in literature. However, that does not change the relationship between Aurora and Flap, who continue to be at odds end.

Emma is quite excited when she gets the news that she is pregnant, but Aurora is not too happy with the news. Few years pass by and Emma has three children now. As time passes by, Emma suspects Flap of having an extra marital affair. She also starts an affair with Sam Burns (Lithgow), a bank officer. On the other hand, Aurora falls in love with her neighbor, Breedlove. Flap and Emma move to Nebraska, where Emma comes face to face with his lover. Now, the film starts turning a little depressing, when the characters have to take some painful decisions. In the end, it is the relationship between the mother and daughter that turns out to be the strongest relationship.