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Mothers Day Quotes

Mom is the first word that a child says when he/she learns to speak. She remains the center of attention and respect for a child for a long time to come and it is her love and peace in her lap that clings forever to the memory of a child. Even when she is no more, her image in our hearts manages us to smile even in the lowest period of our lives and urge us to go on.

Our guardian angels, Mothers are never ugly or beautiful, rich or poor, sober or rude, they are just Mothers. Mothers are perhaps the only person with whom you shar an ultimate bond and even after years and years of sepration still the mother is the one person that will always love her children. This love is not because of greed or some thing that she desires it comes natural to all mothers.

Christian Mothers Day Quotes
Mother is the most precious gift from god to us. She is the one who not only nurtures her children, but also love them unconditionally. She is the best teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. In fact, mother is respected so much that it is also said that after becoming a mother, a woman becomes complete.

Cute Mother's Day Quotes
In a person's life, the place that a mother holds can never ever be taken over by anyone else. She is always there to love him, care for him and even make sacrifices for him. In fact, there is hardly any other person in this world who would be willing to do all those things for you that a mother does.

Famous Mothers Day Quotes
Mother's Day is the most special day to celebrate the companionship of mother. It's the occasion to commemorate her presence in your life and to honor her with all the due respect.

Funny Mother's Day Quotes
Considering the amount of love and care that a mother endows her children with, she should be thanked every day. However, since this is not always possible and makes the relationship too much formal, a specific day has been reserved for making a mother feel special and the day is called 'Mother's day'.

Inspirational Mother's Day Quotes
Your mom is special for you. You know the fact, but have you ever tried to convey the same to her. No? Your mom is one of the most important persons in your life and you should never hesitate to tell her how much you love her and care for her.

Mother's Day Love Quotes
On this Mother's Day, I am sure you want to gift something different to your mom, which will make her smile and also let her know how much means to you. In case you are thinking of giving her a greeting card,

Mothers Day Card Quotes
Mothers Day is a day that is utterly dedicated to the mothers. It's a day to make her feel special and honored. Though every being is attached to their mother, but humans can actually show and articulate their feelings.

Mother's Day Quotes From Daughter
Mother's Day is one of the most special occasions in the life of a person. On this day, he/she pampers his/her mother and lets her known how important she is and how much is she appreciated by him/her.

Mother's Day Quotes From Kids
A mother keeps on spreading her love on her children all through the year, rather for all the days in her life. If you are a kid, who loves his/her mom and wants to express his/her care and concern for her, what can be a better day than Mother's Day?

Short Mothers Day Quotes
Mother's Day is the right time and a perfect occasion to treat your mom. Though we owe every single day to our mothers, a special day to celebrate mom is Mother's Day. She cares for us in the best possible manner each day.