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One of the best things to gift your mom on Mother's Day is a collection of popular poems. Check out poetry for Mother Day.

Mother's Day Poems

A mother occupies the most important place in the life of a child. She is the one who brings a baby into this world, teaches him how to live the perfect life and is there with him in every moment of happiness as well as sorrow. The importance that a mother holds in her child's life can never ever be taken over by anyone else in this world, even a father. For all the love and care that she gives her children, a mother never expects anything in return. However, it is the responsibility of a child to make his/her mother feel special and tell her how crucial a role she plays in his/her life.

One of the best ways to make your mom feel loved and cared for is to give her a compilation of some Mother's Day poems. The words used therein will be able to express even those feelings that you find difficult to articulate otherwise. This makes Mother's Day poetry the perfect way to express your love and gratitude towards that special person whom you call 'Mom'. In order to help you out with the task, we have listed some of the most popular Mothers Day poems here. Read this poetry to your dearest mom, or write it on a card for her, and be there to witness the bright sparkle in her eyes.

First Mothers Day Poems
First Mother's Day is one of the most important days in a woman's life. It is the day when a woman realizes attainment of complete womanhood. Giving life to a new creature with one's own flesh and blood is a very touching feeling.

Funny Mother's Day Poems
Fun and joy are an important part of life, which has gone missing in the present-day world. With deadlines to meet and pressure building up each day, there is no time left to share a light moment with your family and friends.

Inspirational Mothers Day Poems
Mother plays multi-faceted role in her children's life. She inspires, motivates, boosts up the morale and showers unconditional love upon her offspring.

Mother's Day Poems For Kids
The mother-child relationship is the most beautiful of all the relationships in this world. The innocence of a child and the purity of a mother is an unparalleled combination.

Memorial Poems for Mother
One of the most painful moments in your life comes when you end up losing your beloved mom. There are no words to define the sorrow and ache you experience at that moment.

Mother and Child Poems
The relationship between a mother and her child is unlike any other relation in this world. A child bonds with his/her mother the very first time he/she lays eyes on her and is touched by her.

Mother Birthday Poems
It's your mother's birthday and you want to give something special to her, something that is as lovely as her and something that would help you express your love towards her.

Mother Daughter Poems
The duo of a mother and her daughter shares a very beautiful relationship, like no other relationship in this world. When a daughter is growing up, her mother proves to be her guiding light, making sure that she doesn't end up doing something that will harm her in future.

Mother Love Poems
Mother, the very word brings across an image of a lovely woman in our mind, a woman who believes in selfless love for her children. She expects nothing in return, perhaps except for some love and care on their part.

Mothers Day Card Poems
Mother's Day is the only day when we get an opportunity to thank our darling angel for the love, care and bliss she has bestowed upon us. Though there are lots of things to be said, we often fall short of words when we have to express something for our dear momma.

Short Poems for Mothers
At the time of Mother's Day, newspapers as well as magazines are full of short poems for mothers. A short poem for your mother will help you in expressing your feelings in a concise manner.

Mother Son Poems
Boys are supposed to be tough and strong and not the ones to show their emotions frequently. In fact, rather than the most expensive gift in the world, a mother will be more touched if she gets to hear a few words of love and appreciation from her son.

Mothers Poems
If you do not know how to express yourself through words, especially when it comes to your mother, there is no need to worry. Whether you want to thank your mom for all the things she has done for you or tell her how much you love her and care for her, poetry will serve your purpose perfectly.

Mothers Day Poems For Grandmas
The days spent with our Grandma in the countryside are the memories that we cherish the most throughout our life. We remember her as an angel with golden grey hairs and a gentle smile on her face.

Mothers Day Poems For Preschoolers
Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion for the enthusiastic children as well as their caring, lovable and kind mother. In fact, the little ones are some of the most energetic people, who celebrate the day with fun and fervor,

Single Mother Poems
Raising a child is not an easy task, especially for the mother. She has to be there with her child to guide his/her every step, and with time, also make him/her independent enough to take his/her own decisions.

Spiritual Mother's Day Poems
Mother's Day is especially dedicated to God's beautiful creation - mother, because she deserves recognition and appreciation for being a significant part of our lives. It is hard to think about the world without her,

Thank You Mother Poems
When a person is in his/her childhood, his/her mom stands ahead of him/her to set an example. As he/she grows up and becomes a teenager, she is always behind her little one, to lend support whenever he/she needs it.