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Mothers Day Interview

Your momma has been your best companion always. When you were an infant, she slept besides you to change your diapers so that you can sleep with ease. When you grew up, she sat by you in all the wee hours when you were nervous for your examinations. She is the one who shared your first crush's excitement. Remember, she was the first person to greet you on your successes' and stand by you in your failures. Even you do not know the secrets of your life that your momma knows. She is the one who remembers your first cry, your first word, your first demand, your first dress, your favorite food, your first school day and everything else you might have forgotten during a long course of life.

At this mother's day, kindly make your mother share, all the secrets of her life with you. Sit patiently by her side and listen to the stories of her birth, childhood, teenage and adulthood. Ask her how it felt to grew up, how was her adolescence, what were her favorite subjects, what was her favorite job, how she met your father, who was her married life and how did she feel when you were born. Also, ask her how it feels to be so much responsible and caring. Here are few tips, which will be useful in your mother's day interview.

Tips for Mothers Day Interview

Schedule a time with your mother well in advance for your interview. Though do not let your mother know what all you are going to do during that time. Let it be a surprising affair.

Arrange a beautiful ambience and light snacks and drinks at the place where your interview is scheduled.

Present your momma with a chronologically arranged album of her life. This will make her nostalgic and she will share all the details of your life more lovingly. Do not forget to do a video recording arrangement in your room, so that this memorable moment remains with you forever.

Do not make her feel uncomfortable by asking questions on issues which she would not prefer to discuss. Ask her simple, sweet and interesting questions that need to bring out facts, feelings, stories and descriptions rather than simple "yes" or "no".

Most importantly- Show interest. Sleep in her lap and listen to her stories as you listened the fairy tales as a kid. After all your momma is your darling angel.

Do not bind her your interview in a set of questions. Let it be more like a conversation. Also, remember not to cross correct the facts or interrupt unnecessarily.

Do not stretch your interview for too long. Make it as long as 1 to 2 hour. After interview take her to some restaurant or place which she mentioned in the interview sometime back.