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This article is dedicated to all the single mothers in the world. We have also provided some advice for a single mother/mom.

Single Mother

For a single mother, motherhood is like the two sides of a coin - while you have the joys and the bliss of being around your child, the difficulties and the stress associated with it, cannot be ruled out as well. Being a single mother is probably the most difficult aspect of life. Whether a woman is a single mom by choice or because of getting divorced or by God's will, it is very hard to play the role of a both the parents. Remember, a child needs the love, care, concern, attention and adoration from both the parents. If you are a single mother, you alone have to shoulder the responsibility.

The absence of the benignant influence of a male role model runs high in the life of a small kid. However, do not let this fact bore you down. Being a single parent does not make you less lovable. It just means that you have more responsibilities than before. All you need to do is be strong and learn to face the harsh realities of life with poise. Do not forget, you can play both the roles just perfectly - just have full faith and belief in your self. Though you are sure to learn the nuances of single parenthood through experience, the tips mentioned below can prove to be very beneficial.

Tips For Single Mother