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Stepmom is a movie starring Julia Roberts and Ed Harris. Check out the story and summary of Stepmom.

Stepmom Movie

The movie Stepmom was directed by Chris Columbus and was released in 1998. It stars Julia Roberts, Ed Harris and Susan Sarandon. Stepmom is the story of terminally ill mother, who has to accept the new woman in her ex-husband's life as the stepmother of her children. Read on further to know the complete summary of Stepmom.

Jackie (Susan Sarandon), a one-time book editor, is divorced from her husband Luke (Ed Harris). She has the custody of the kids and is now an accomplished soccer player. Their kids stay at her New York ranch, outside of Manhattan. Luke, who has the weekend custody of the kids, is involved with Isabel (Julia Roberts), a high-fashion photographer. Isabel is a career-oriented woman, who is quite inept at handling the kids.

One day, Jackie comes to know that she has cancer. On one hand, she is facing the problems of medical tests and chemotherapy. At the other, she is worried about leaving her kids in the care of Isabel, whom her ex-husband is about to marry. Even though Isabel tries her best to take care of the kids, along with concentrating on her work, Jackie always finds her efforts as insufficient. What follows is a lesson in parenting for Isabel and a lesson of family bonding for Jackie, who accepts Isabel as a part of the family.