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Here, we provide the summary of the movie Stella Dallas. Check out the story as well as review of Stella Dallas.

Stella Dallas

Stella Dallas is a movie starring Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Edmund Elton, Alan Hale, Marjorie Main and Barbara O'Neil. Directed by King Vidor, the movie was released in the year 1937. The story of Stella Dallas revolves around a promiscuous mother who sacrifices everything in her life to secure the happiness of her only child. Read on further to know about the full summary and movie review of Stella Dallas…

Stella Dallas (Barbara Stanwyck) is a woman eager to run away from her home and her authoritarian father. As a means of her escape, she sets her sight on Stephen Dallas (John Boles), a plant manager belonging to an affluent family. After having a short affair, Stella and Stephen get married. Some time later, they are blessed with a daughter, whom they name as Laurel. However, as time passes by, Stephen starts getting irritated by the loud and vulgar manner of Stella. At the same time, Stella is put off by his lectures on manners and conduct.

She starts spending time with Ed Munn (Alan Hale). Ultimately, Stephen and Stella get divorced and he marries Helen Morrison (Barbara O'Neil). Stella, divorced from her husband, devotes her life entirely to her daughter, Laurel. One day, she takes Laurel to an expensive resort for a vacation. There, Laurel befriends rich kids. It is here that Stella realizes that it would be better to keep Laurel away from her mother's influence. For her daughter's good, Stella sacrifices her love and sends Laurel to her father's home in New York. Stella Dallas is presented as the epitome of a mother's love, who sacrifices her love for her only child to ensure her happiness.