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Here are tips for preserving pumpkins, ideas to preserve carved pumpkins for Halloween and how to increase life span of Jack O Lanterns.

Preserving Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is seen as an art by many. In fact, many enthusiasts spend a lot of money on buying the pumpkin carving kit so that they can make a perfect Jack-O'-Lantern. It can take hours to carve some of the difficult patterns of Jack-O'-Lanterns on pumpkins. Since, so much hard work and effort has been put in to carve these pumpkins, it is natural that you would want to preserve them, so that they could last longer. Two major problems that cut short the longevity of carved pumpkins are: mold and drying or shriveling. Therefore, it is important to take measures to save your hard-worked pumpkins from rotting. Let us explore ideas to preserve carved pumpkins for Halloween.

How To Increase Life Span Of Jack O Lanterns.