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Read about photography tips for Halloween pumpkins, how to capture good photo of Halloween Pumpkin and photos of Jack-o-Lanterns.

Halloween Photos Of Jack-O-Lanterns

Taking photos of Jack-o-lanterns is a tricky task. The art is to create the right balance to allow you to capture the carvings on the pumpkin, using the light to illuminate the outside of the pumpkin and yet, be able to capture the glow of the lit candles kept inside the Jack-o-Lantern, illuminating it from within the pumpkin. Using flash will allow you to capture the surface of the pumpkin but then, the diffused light of the candles inside it will not be visible in the photos. Thus, flash is ruled out while taking photos of your carved pumpkins. You can make the glow of candles a little brighter for better photography, by placing two or three candles in the pumpkin at once.

It is advisable to take the pictures of your Jack-o-lantern around dusk and not at night, when it is completely dark. You should also use a fast and high quality film. In the dark, capture the eerie effects of the Jack-o-lantern by illuminating the carved surface of the pumpkin, using indirect artificial light, such as a lamp and brightening up the glow of the candles, by adding more lighted candles in the pumpkin. Halloween pictures, photographs and videos capture and store some of the best memories of Halloween to be seen later, at family gatherings or just to relive the happy moments of the past once more.

Capture the creepy decorations, scary costumes and never forget to take the pictures of children who are trick-or-treating at your door. Take snaps of your Jack-O-lanterns, so that every time you see them you are reminded of the hard work you did to carve them so beautifully. These Halloween memories make interesting and engaging topics of discussion later in our lives, as we discuss and see how the changes in our life, age, expanding family and responsibilities have changed the way we celebrate Halloween. So, save your Halloween memories, so that you can relive them whenever you want.