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Read all about lighting Jack ‘ Lantern, tips to illuminate jack o lanterns and glowing pumpkins for Halloween.

Lighting Jack-O'-Lantern

Ever since pumpkin carving became an important ritual of Halloween, candles have been used to illuminate Jack O' Lanterns. However, with time, many new options for lighting up the carved pumpkins came up. Some of them are more expensive than the others, but also give much more effects. However, whichever option you choose for lighting your pumpkin, make sure that it suits your budget and is safe as well. Let us know more on glowing pumpkins for Halloween.

How to Illuminate Jack O' Lanterns

With Candles
Lighting candles in Jack-o'-Lanterns is the traditional way of celebrating Halloween. For small pumpkins, you can use small tea-light candles, while regular votive candles can be used in medium to large sized pumpkins. It is safer and brighter to put the candles in clear glass holders, which will also make your pumpkin last longer too. At the same time, you should never light a candle inside an artificial pumpkin or leave a lit candle unsupervised, for it may topple and cause fire.

With Battery-powered Units
People also use battery-powered candle units, which are safer than regular candles, to illuminate their pumpkins. They flash on and off and even last long. To make your pumpkin and Jack o' lantern display look really cool, you may use lights that change colors frequently and fit easily in pumpkins of all sizes.

With Glow Sticks
Glow sticks are also an option to illuminate your pumpkins. You may place one or more glow sticks in your pumpkin for an eerie effect. It is also the safest way to illuminate pumpkins, but glow sticks can be expensive. At the same time, these sticks are not very bright and may not last very long. They are best used when the Jack-o-lantern containing them is placed in a very dark place.

With Battery-operated Blinking Lights
You may use simple battery-operated blinking lights for your pumpkins. However, fire safety should be your first priority. Make sure that you never use an AC powered device to light the Jack O' Lanterns, as they are quite hazardous and may result in fire.

LED Pumpkin Lights
These lights are battery-operated pumpkin light and equipped with three LED bulbs. This is done to give your jack-o'-lantern a fun, colorful effect. The colors of the LED lights often rotate as well; say from blue to green to red, every few seconds.

Safety Tips