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Read about Easter hot cross buns recipe.

Easter Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns stand out from other Easter delicacies, for their typical flavor. A prominent Easter icon, hot cross bun is called so, because of the icing cross on the top of the bun, which reminds people of the Crucifixion of Jesus. Hot cross buns were first baked in England, to be served as the traditional Good Friday breakfast. Nowadays, they are served throughout the Easter season. Like so many other Easter symbols, hot cross buns also owe their origin to ancient pagan traditions. They are not a truly Christian tradition, even though there is a Cross on the bun.

Hot cross buns are regarded by many as the outgrowth of the ancient Pagan sacramental cakes, eaten by Anglo-Saxons in honor of their goddess "Eastore". Besides being culinary delights, hot cross buns are believed to be protecting people from evil spirits and having a magical power of curing. Which is why, in ancient times, people used to hang the buns on the kitchen ceilings. The popularity of hot cross buns has given birth to a popular song of the same name. Street vendors used to sing a song when they went around selling their hot cross buns. This song, "Hot Cross Buns", is now a favorite nursery rhyme for children. Check out the easy recipe of hot cross bun, in the article.

Hot Cross Buns Recipe