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Easter white lily is one of the prominent Easter symbols. Read about Easter lily flower

Easter Lily

Among the multitude of spring flowers, the Easter white lily is the traditional Easter flower. The beautiful flower is considered the symbol of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after his crucifixion. The large, pure white blooms of the Easter Lilies are symptomatic of the pure new life that comes through the Resurrection of Jesus. In the present time, on Easter morning, churches are bedecked with white lilies in remembrance of the loved ones, who passed away. The white flower creates a pacifying atmosphere, when it is used in the decorations of homes and premises. Read on to know more about the Easter symbol.

Easter Lily

The white Easter lily symbolizes purity and sanctity. For centuries, artists have portrayed Angel Gabriel coming to the Virgin Mary with a spray of lilies in his hand, to announce that she is chosen to be the mother of the holy child - Christ. Roman mythology associates the white lily with Juno, the Queen of Gods. It is said that when Queen Juno was feeding her baby son Hercules, a portion of the milk fell on to the earth, leading to the blooming of gorgeous white lilies. Therefore, white lilies have emerged as arbitrary symbol of Easter.

Lilies have six-part flowers (three petals and three sepals colored alike) and usually six stamens. The lovely white Madonna lily was used for years as the traditional flower of Easter. However, it often failed to bloom during the festive season of Easter. Therefore, Bermuda lilies were substituted. Bermuda lilies are called so, because they were first found in Bermuda by Ms Thomas P Sargent, in the 1880s. Since they bloom naturally in springtime, she brought its bulbs in back home in Philadelphia. There, a nursery man, called William Harris, made it popular among other florists.

In case you want to place Easter lilies in your home garden, then choose a plant with flowers and buds in various stages of development. It is suggested to go for a plant with tight buds in it. Check whether the foliage of the plant is dense or not. Moreover, the foliage should extend all the way down the stem, to the soil line. Ensure that the foliage is health and green. The plant should be about two-times as tall as the pot, in which you are going to place it. It is not suggested to pick a plant, which shows signs of insects or dark spots in the leaves.

To keep your lily plant blooming for the entire spring season, you need to take good care of its flowers. Ensure that you have placed the lily plant in the presence of bright sunlight. However, keep the lily plant away from direct exposure to sunlight. The flowers should be protected from heat sources such as fireplaces, electric appliances and heaters. You need to remove the yellow anthers from the centers of the flowers, so that they remain fresh for a long time. Water your lily plant regularly, so that the soil doesn't dry.