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Easter Candles

Easter candles are lit in churches, to celebrate the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after crucifixion. Christians associate Jesus with the light from candles, hailing him as "the eternal light", showing Christians the way from death to life. The candlelight ushers in a world of hope and prosperity, by driving away the gloom of darkness. Easter candle is sometimes referred to as Paschal candle or Christ candle. The candle is considered prominent in Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and some other Protestant churches as well. Therefore, candles are important symbols of Easter.

Candles are lit during the Easter celebrations, especially the vigil and midnight services before Easter Sunday. Many churches kindle candles on their altars on Good Friday, to show that Jesus' light has gone out. In Roman Catholic churches, the special Paschal Candle is lit on Easter Sunday, next to the main altar. The candle symbolizes Jesus' return to life. The candle is often lit during the next 40 days, until it is put out on Ascension Day. The Paschal candle is a special candle for Easter. It comprises of engravings of cross and the Greek letters alpha and omega that signify that the Lord is omnipresent.

The beeswax, out of which the Easter candle is prepared, represents the purity of Jesus Christ, its wick signifies humanity and the flame is indicative of the Jesus' divine nature. For people following the Greek Orthodox faith, Easter is a sacred religious observance, which lasts for as many as fifty days. The fifty days of Greek Easter are celebrated with great enthusiasm and dedication to the almighty. A number of traditions are associated with the celebration of the festival, one of the prominent being the presentation of Greek Easter candles to the family, friends and little ones.

The traditional Greek Easter candles symbolize the rise of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after the crucifixion. On the festive occasion of Easter, special candles are manufactured in Greece. The Greek Easter candles are characterized by their large size and a cross inscribed in them. The date of the current year is also inscribed in the candle, before presenting it to the near and dear. The candle is a gesture to symbolize the Lord Jesus Christ is present every where and will be so forever, until the eternity. As per the traditions, five grains of aroma, symbolizing the five wounds of Jesus Christ due to the crucifixion, are compressed into the arms and the center of the cross in the candles, by using pins or nails. The Easter candles are allowed to burn throughout the Fifty Days of Easter.