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Read on to know about the significance of Easter symbol cross

Easter Cross

The Cross, the all-pervading icon of Christianity, is an integral element of all Christian festivals, including Easter. It is the symbol of life over death. The crucifix is a cross with an image of Jesus' body hanging from it. It symbolizes the sacrifice, which Jesus did for humanity. An empty cross, without the figure of Christ crucified on it, reminds Christians of Jesus' victory over death and the new life and hope the victory brings to humanity. Over the years, Cross has gained significance as a holy sign of Christianity and an important symbol of Easter. Explore the article to know all about Easter Cross.

Easter Symbol Cross

The Christian perception of the Cross, as a sign of redemption, stems from the belief that Jesus' Crucifixion played a central role in redeeming humanity from its sins. When Jesus was crucified, the Cross became a symbol of suffering. Thereafter, with the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, the Christians saw it as a symbol of the almighty's victory over death. On one hand, the holy Cross spreads the message of both crucifixion and resurrection and on the other; it symbolizes the victory of good over the evil, sacrifice and signifies a new life.

During the first 300 years after Christ's death, Christians feared persecution by the hostile Roman government and rarely displayed the Cross in public. In the 300's, the Romans began to tolerate Christianity, and crosses were widely displayed. In A.D. 325, Constantine at the Council of Nicaea issued a decree that the Cross is the official symbol of Christianity. After the declaration, Cross became a holy symbol of undying faith by the Catholic Church.

As a part of the traditions of Easter, people cover the Cross with a black cloth on Good Friday, for mourning for the death of Jesus. Before the Easter Sunday, the draping in black is removed and the cross is rather decorated with flowers to honor the Jesus' return to life. On the day, a special service is organized at churches across different parts of the world, where people pray to their Almighty for their health, wealth and prosperity.

Different kinds of Crosses are used in different religions. For instance, the Greek Cross is used by the Eastern Orthodox Churches, while the Latin Cross is used by Protestants and Catholics. The Cross can vary is length as well. Nonetheless, the typical 6-7 feet long Cross is used as the symbol of Easter. On the ceremonious occasion of Easter, the altar of the church is decorated beautifully with traditional Easter flowers, such as white lily, and the Cross is cleaned, polished and erected. People offer worship at the altar, confess all their sins at the confession box and pray to lead a peaceful life, for the years to come.