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Glitzy leaf fan is a simple and pretty craft to make. With this article, learn how to make glitzy leaf fan craft.

Glitzy Leaf Fan

Children's Day is a day dedicated to fun and fanfare, as the festival celebrates childhood. The day marks the birth anniversary of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India's first Prime Minister, which is on 14th November. It is celebrated throughout India mostly in schools and educational institutions. Nehru was largely involved in the education and growth of children as he considered them to be the future of the nation. The day involves a number of events and activities organized for all children to keep them entertained. Various crafts are also prepared by kids as part of the celebrations. For those who love making some creative items, a glitzy leaf fan is the right activity. Read through the lines below to know how to make glitzy leaf fan craft.

How To Make Glitzy Leaf Fan

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