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Easy crafts are the best way to get out the kids' talent and educate them. Go through this article to find some simple ideas for Children's Day crafts.

Easy Crafts For Children's Day

While Universal Children's Day is celebrated across the world on 20th November, India celebrates its Children's Day on the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru. The day is commemorated on 14th November in India with great joy, enthusiasm and magnificence. Nehru was an extremely honest, outspoken, practical and illustrious politician who fought for India's freedom and went on to become independent India's first Prime Minister. Due to his love and passion for kids, Children's Day pays a tribute to this great personality.

This national festival is celebrated across India in schools and educational institutions. Different activities and competitions, such as singing, dancing, painting, crafts, debates, elocutions and fancy dress, are organized for the children of all age groups. On this occasion of Children's Day, we bring you some craft ideas that are easy to prepare and fun to play. These crafts involve young kids to reveal their creativity and imagination power. Browse through this section to find easy and simple crafts for Children's Day.

Simple Children's Day Crafts

Pretty Pencil Pinwheel
Pretty pencil pinwheel is an easy craft that can be made by young kids also. However, adult supervision is necessary. Learn how to make pretty pencil pinwheel craft by glancing through this section.

Paper Plate Sun
Paper plate sun is a sweet craft that can be made by little ones. Help your little ones in making this craft and let them have a piece of bright and sunny sun in their life.

Pom-Pom Ice Cream Cone
Pom-pom ice cream cones make a charming décor for Children's Day. Let your kids create some adorable cones and play with some "real" ice cream cones. Browse through this section to know how to make pom-pom ice cream cone craft.

Handheld Ribbon Streamers
Handheld ribbon streamers are easy-to-make craft and will enable your kids to flaunt them at their school. Moreover, they look cool and great when kids play with them around.

Glitzy Leaf Fan
For those who love making some creative items, a glitzy leaf fan is the right activity. Browse through this section to know how to make glitzy leaf fan craft.