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'Faces of the World' necklace is an interesting craft to work on. Learn how to make this necklace craft by glancing through this article.

Faces of the World Necklace

Children's Day in India is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Born on 14th November, Nehru loved and adored children a lot and hence, this day has been dedicated to this great leader-cum-politician. This great personality had been bestowed upon the title of Chacha Nehru by the kids for his continuous efforts for the education and development of kids of India. This national festival is celebrated with huge excitement, enthusiasm and magnificence throughout the nation. Special programs are organized in all schools for the kids wherein they participate in various activities. Different crafts are also made on this day to reveal kids' talent. 'Faces of the World' necklace is a sweet craft to involve young children. Learn how to make this fascinating craft by reading through the lines below.

How To Make Faces Of The World Necklace

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