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Pretty pencil pinwheel is easy to make and play with. Go through this article to know how to make pretty pencil pinwheel craft.

Pretty Pencil Pinwheel

Children's Day is commemorated on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to honor his love and passion for kids. It is celebrated on 14th November throughout India with immense fun and fervor. Nehru was a legendary freedom fighter and worked towards the education of children. Different cultural programs and events are organized on this occasion in all schools across the nation. Kids are encouraged to participate in various activities such as singing, dancing, painting, crafts, fancy dress, storytelling, and so on. A number of crafts are also prepared allowing the kids to showcase their talent. Pretty pencil pinwheel is an easy craft that can be made by even a young child. However, adult supervision is necessary. Learn how to make pretty pencil pinwheel craft by going through the lines below.

How To Make Pretty Pencil Pinwheel

Things Required
How to Make