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etiquettes are essential in any party, so what makes Teacher's Day different? Read on to know more about Teacher's Day party etiquette.

Teacher's Day Party etiquette

Teacher's Day - a day celebrated and dedicated to mentors/tutors who work towards uplifting the society academically and pave an academic path to transform children into beacons of knowledge. Though Teacher's Day falls on different days in various parts of the world, the intention of celebrating it is universally the same. There are different ways to honor your teachers. Be it through parties, taking them out for lunch/dinner or presenting them with simple, yet pretty gifts, everything goes on this day. Throwing a Teacher's Day party is a great idea to delight and entertain your favorite teachers. However, while throwing the party, there are certain etiquettes to be followed and remembered by both, the host and the guests. If being punctual and appreciative are the major etiquettes to be followed by the guests, being courteous and impartial is the hosts' due. Scroll down to know more about Teacher's Day party etiquettes.

Party etiquettes For Teacher's Day

The Invitation
As one of the most important etiquettes, invitations have to be sent out to all your teachers, specifying the time, theme, attire and venue of the party. Giving false or unclear information might mislead your guests. Therefore, the clarity of thought and preciseness is always encouraged for a party host.

Impeccable Planning
Preparing your guest list is quite essential to make the party a successful one. Make sure you get all the elements of the party planning right and keep everything ready before your favorite teachers arrive. It is essential for you to feel relaxed before the commencement of the party. From games to food, you have to ensure that everything is planned and executed to impeccable standards. You must also ensure planning a few activities or games that will help enhance the overall festive mood.

Make The Guests Feel At Home
It is essential to make your teachers feel at home. Once each of them arrives, greet them personally with a flower/bouquet and a welcome drink. As a host, it is essential for you to ensure that the teachers do not feel out of step or place. Avoid showing partial or selective hospitality to any single teacher even if he/she is your absolute favorite. This is not the time, place and day to show your priorities and preferences.

Be Courteous To The Uninvited Guests
What if your teacher brings an uninvited guest? Never mind. Remain gracious throughout and elegant even if it was unplanned or came as a surprise to you. Always remember to be appreciative and thank the guests for taking out the time to be present at the function/party.

Avoid Discourteous Messages
Including inspirational and motivational Teacher's Day messages is a part of Teacher's Day party. However, ensure that you are not impolite with your jovial remarks and/or discourteous messages, even if it is for fun. Your intentions might be good but it might spoil the ambience and the mood of the party.

Personalized Gifts
Would it not be a great idea to include some personalized gifts for Teacher's Day? It is better to avoid gifts like mugs or paper weights as your teachers would have received countless of those gifts in their long careers. It is a good gesture to present personalized gifts related to a specific subject to that specific teacher. Calendars or personalized pens, perhaps?

etiquettes For Guests

Interaction Is The Key
Interacting and socializing are the key aspects of being at a party, be it an official party or a Teacher's Day one. If the party is hosted by students, feel free to make yourself comfortable at the party. Avoid being a mute spectator or a 'party-pooper' during the activities/events at the get-together. Never show your unwillingness to participate. As the party is hosted for you, make sure you let your hair down, and have some fun!

Be Punctual
Whether it is organized by your friends or students, remember to be on time for the party. In case you cannot make it to the party in time, ensure that you inform the hosts about your late entry well in advance. ensure that you do not embarrass your students by coming late and rushing back immediately once you have had all the food.

Avoid Partiality
As a teacher, you are the guiding star for your students, on and off campus. Hence, displaying partiality to your favorite students is indeed unacceptable behavior, which might hurt some of the students' sentiments.

Be Appreciative
If the Teacher's Day party was hosted by students, it is your responsibility to be appreciative of them. Thank them for finding the time to honor you and end the day with a few kind words. This would certainly enlighten them and make them feel special. Presenting them with a 'thank you' gift would certainly be something that would delight your students.

Keeping these etiquettes in mind, you are now ready to host/attend that Teacher's Day party. Remember that Teacher's Day is celebrated only once a year and you have this one chance to make your teacher/student feel special. So, get those etiquettes right and you are all good to host/attend that special Teacher's Day party this year.