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Party Themes are very common these days. Here we are giving you some ideas for a Theme Party on Teacher's Day.

Teacher's Day Party Theme

Teacher's Day, celebrated on different dates in the countries across the world, is a wonderful occasion to spend quality time with teachers. You may celebrate the occasion in n number of ways. For instance, you may throw a party for your teachers. You would want to make the celebrations as vibrant as possible. Hence, include interesting themes in your party. To get some ideas about the popular themes chosen for Teacher's Day party, go through the following lines.

Ideas For Teacher's Day Party Theme

Retro Special
Teacher's Day party with a retro theme would provide a nice opportunity for the senior lectures of your school/college, to refresh the fond memories of past. So, set retro as the theme for the party. Decorate the venue with the embellishments that have faded out of trend today, but used to be in fashion in the past. Ask your teachers to clad themselves in the attire that used to in vogue, when they were young. By doing so, you will get to see your teachers making their own style statement and relive their youth!

Color Party
Choose a particular color scheme for your party. You may opt for a single color, say black or white or choose different shades of the same color. Ask your guests to wear clothes of the decided color scheme, for the party. Decorate the venue as per the color scheme. Make use of decorative items of the same color. However, be sure to maintain a contrast and variety in the embellishments used for the venue, so that they do not look repetitive. The tables should also be decorated with centerpiece and tablecloth of the set color scheme. Also, direct your guests to wear different outfits (of the same color, of course), so that the dresses don't look like uniform.

Hollywood Party
One of the chosen themes for Teacher's Day party is Hollywood. The theme can be found in every other party, of the occasion. Since the theme is very common, you need to make the arrangements different from others, so that your party doesn't look like 'yet another party'. To serve the purpose, decorate the venue with photographs of the popular Hollywood stars. Request your guests to come in their favorite actor's get up. To boost up the party spirits, you may arrange games such as mimicry, wherein your guests would try to imitate the actor, whom they have tried to resemble.

Jungle Party
If you have chosen the very popular jungle as the theme for your Teacher's Day party, then make sure your guests feel as if they have entered woods, when they step into the venue. Appropriate lighting and decorations would create the proper wild effect. Your guests may dress as characters they might find in the jungle like, animals, soldiers, hunters, airplane crash survivor, etc. Serve exotic tropical food to your party guests.